Mosapride Citrate Tablets

[Drug Name]
Chemical Name: Mosapride Citrate Tablets
Brand Name: Kuaili

[Characters] It is a white or almost white tablet.

[Indication] This drug is an agent in enhancing the dynamia of digestive canal, which is mainly for the treatment of functional despepsia concomitant symptoms such as pyrosis, belching, nausea, vomiting, early satiety, epigastric distention, etc..

[Administration and Dosage] Take orally before meals. 1 tablet each time, 3 times daily.

[Untoward Reaction] Diarrhea, bellyache, dry mouth, tetter, accidie and dizziness. Occassionally, eosinophil may increase, and triglyceride,GOT, GPT, AKP and GGT may increase.

[Contraindication] The patient who is sensitive to this drug is prohibited to use.

[Precautions] After taking the drug for some time (generally 2 weeks), patients should stop taking it if the symptoms in digestive canal haven't been improved.

[Drug Interaction] If taking the drug with anticholinergics, the efficacy will decrease. So there should be intervals in taking the two different medicines.

[Pregnant and Breast Feeding Women] Pregnant women, breast feeding women had better not use the drug currently because of its uncertainty in safety.

[Old Patients] For the aged, it should be more cautious in taking the drug. Once discovering side effects, you should take some proper measures such as decreasing dose (eg. 7.5mg daily).

[Specification] 5mg.

[Storage] Store in an airtight container at a cool and dry place.

[Package] Aluminum plastics package. 24 tablets each box.

[Expiry Date] One year.

[License Number] G.Y.Z.Z. H19990317.